B2B Partnership

We partner with other research organization in our host country and others. Our partnership span from domesticating questionnaires from English and other foreign languages to major local languages like Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. We also combines efforts with my partners to conduct an acceptable and quality fieldwork with trained interviewers with vast knowledge of local terrains and languages depending on dictates of the clients.

Our experience in data processing is what client could explore as we don’t only ensure quality data input also via our tailored quality based data entry, cleaning and analysis, we also provide data to clients in any formats i.e. binary, ASCII, SPSS, Excel and others to clients expectation.

For avoidance of doubts we ensure:

  • A response rate of 80–95 %, which exceeds the average in our field;
  • At most only 5% of incomplete questionnaires
  • Reliability and internal consistency of data regardless of the survey’s country.

Our intending partner could also take advantage of our running quarterly omnibus on common industries.

Years of experience in consulting services to various industries including Banking, Oil & Gas, IT e.t.c

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