Our parent body, Tenol Alpha Consulting, an organization functioning as a full scale Quality and management agency already has a long running relationship with this sector of the industry providing such consultancy service such as training and deployment of ISO certification audits and implementation. 

The need for measuring staff and customers’ behavior in pre and post certification became imperative as a confirmation of impact of these training and certifications. We have also provided research services to financial institutions such as customer satisfaction study. 

Some banks and financial organization may also be interested in measuring their share of the customer market. The financial services industry is a major one tending to the needs of every economy, hence the need for players in this space to always be on top of their game. Given the current global trend, this sector is in a state of rapid change and intense competition to grow relationship with their most valuable customers, retain their most valuable customers in the face of fierce competition, move customers to mobile and online channels and ensure they have the best experience across channels among others issues.