MRC began operations in 1995 in Nigeria, gaining instant recognition from leading multinationals. These companies continue to choose MRC to meet their market insight needs 18 years later. The company was registered and commenced operations in Ghana in 2001, growing to its position today, with offices across Africa and an office in the UK.

MRC plans to continue its growth and increase operations, opening offices both in Africa and overseas in the near future.

MRC is a full service research agency:


  • Assist client’s in clearly defining the objectives of a study
  • Design the appropriate methodology to satisfy these objectives
  • Conduct research at all levels, from sample design, questionnaire creation and development, through to on-the-ground fieldwork and analysis
  • Coordinate intelligent interpretation and presentation of findings, allowing us to produce actionable recommendations

Our tools for data generation include:

  • Secondary research
  • Qualitative methods, employing projective techniques when appropriate
  • Quantitative techniques

We have extensive expertise:

  • In both consumer and business to business markets
  • Across a variety of market sectors, covering provision of both product and service
  • In tailor-made, syndicated research studies specifically designed to be appropriate for the task at hand