“Novatia approach is to create innovative management solutions, drive innovation capacity, manage innovation complex, and sustain expertise in tracking competitive dynamics, regulatory changes and advances in technology to change the economic future of our clients, drawing upon years of direct, front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge”

Olaotan  Akinniranye, Principal Consultant


We serve the private-sector, the public sector, the world’s top companies, countless new ventures, and dozens of governments and Non-governmental organizations – spanning all industries, functions and problems which makes for inspiring innovation.

The delicate balancing act between maximizing the business opportunities and managing the inherent risks and complexities is a difficult task. Developing and maintaining strong compliance programs, optimizing performance and stating ahead of market developments requires in-depth and actionable knowledge.

Our unique combination of practical experience and subject matter expertise enables us to provide innovative management consulting solutions that create a positive and lasting impact on overall strategy, reputation, and growth.



Precision of strategic decision making

Our clients need to respond quickly to charges in the business climate to take advantage of windows of opportunity. Rapid technological innovation, sudden shifts in financial markets, or new competition created by mergers and acquisitions, all demand a swift response at both the strategic and tactical levels. But the best course of action isn’t always clear, and conventional wisdom is not always the correct response.

In all of the industries where we are experts, Novatia consulting helps business leaders make better decisions more quickly and confidently. Clients value our ability to gather and analyze critical insights, and develop optional business strategies supported by clear and actionable recommendations. At Novatia, we believe that teachers will see improved performance and enhanced shareholder returns when they are able to make better business decisions faster.


Although every client and engagement is different, some basic principles inform Novatia consulting’s approach. The most important of these are:

  • A principle of evidence, not opinion – we confront each challenge or opportunity without preconceived notions, and our recommendations are based on facts rather than assumptions.
  • World-class analytical capability – every solution we propose is informed by a combination of in-depth research and rigorous analysis and is tailored to the specific dynamics of the client’s organization. We don’t just crunch the numbers, more importantly, we conduct critical data analysis to provide the best recommendations to clients.
  • Real-world expertise – Our experts bring real-world experience and hands on involvement to every engagement. We bring deep industry expertise to each client we serve, gained from both direct industry experience and a wide range of consulting engagements.
  • Strategic foresight – our analysis and recommendations produce more than just short-term results. They also help clients to visualize and explore the future commercial and financial implications of their decisions.



Today’s business world is dynamic and you are competing in a complex environment encompassing technology, supply chains, skilled workers, accounting standards, competitors and more than a handful of regulators. Our industry’s focused network is designed to anticipate and meet your corporate needs.

Together, our team, deployed across the world can both zoom out and see the big picture. The context and zoom in on the right solution.