Smart Phone Is Assuming Computer Space In Recent World

The advent of modern computers in the 80’s and 90’s changes the way of workflow around the world. While it has been fully integrated into various operations in the western world, the developing nations are just coming in terms with computer for the smooth running of its functions. While this is ongoing and yet to be completely saturated to this new emerging, there comes from the blues, a new technological invention called mobile phones which seems to divert the attention of the entire world especially the youth to this new path. Smart phones is technological advancement of a computer, portable in nature and can carry out similar duties as computers.

According to an online research c0nducted by Tenol Alpha Surveys in July 2020, all the respondents who responded claimed to have personal access to a phone, same cannot be said on access to a computer (80%). A further probe of the later claimed they have daily access to computer is mostly at café (45%), offices & workplaces (30%), friends and colleagues (15%) and personal computer at (10%) while the rest who only have access to computers of their relatives/friends and café claim their usage is either once or twice a week(42%).

Phone on its part is used daily by all respondents across all demographics and social strata. Usage such as Calls/SMS and chatting (Facebook/whatsapp etc.) takes the larger chunk of what people use their phone for at 80%. Other phone usage includes news/events on social media (67%). While more of the respondents who uses computer (73%) claimed they use their computers majorly to work on documents, this is followed by 40% of respondents who use their computer to watch movies. When question on routine activities was posed to respondents, Phones (73%) clearly stands out as their what will satisfy their routine activities this as clearly indicated as being MOST USED by respondents across board.

A probe of these routine activities reveals Calls/SMS, chatting and other social media interactions, listening to music etc. Despite this huge acceptability phone enjoys amongst the populate, more than half of this category of respondents still believe phone cannot satisfy their digital functions and would wish they had a computer instead of a phone. A further probe into the reasons of having a computer to phone indicates such activities as design & graphics works (54%), some claim to love browsing on larger screen like a computer (46%), while the minority in this category (27%) would love their computer to watch videos.

A large number of respondents (67%) believes it is essential for one to have both a computer and a phone altogether, while the rest opined that either of the two is fine.


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